18"x24" Drawing Conte' on paper 197524"x30" Oil on board  1974 Model24"x30" Oil on board 1974  Huda Makky24"x30" Oil on board 1974 Fatten Fareed18"x24"  Oil& watercolor 1975 Saady24"x30" Oil on Canvas 1978 A. Finjan30"x40" Oil on Canvas 1979 Inga Gisriter/GERMANY18"x24" Oil painting on canvas 1980  Sally Faren/ FLORIDA18"X24" Oil on Canvas 1983 Lenora Smith 24"x30" Oil on Canvas 1982 Mike Fern/FLORIDAOil on canvas 30"x40" ,collection Mr.&Mrs Swanson/MarylandOil on canvas 18"x24" Mrs Liticia/New YorkOil on canvas-24"x30" collection Mrs Rayia Aljanabi/Kuwaitpastel16"X20 Pastel on paper 1985 The Artist
18"x24" Oil on canva 1996 Brid/Boston24"x30"  Oil on canvas 1995 collection's of Mr. Z./ ELSALVADOR Black&White PictureOil on canvas 30"x40", from black&white collection Dr.Omran Black&White pictureOil on canvas 18"x24", collection Mr. Saglam/ New York
Step-step 1 for camron  of Scotlandstep-3step-4step-5step-6step-7step-8Finished oil painting
 Oil, Watercolor, Pastel, Charcoal 
Painting progress
From photographs, black and white or color 
I do not have a set prices, it will differs from sizes or techniques, and medium 
From life setting